My Projects

Below is a series of projects (big or small) which I am currently or have previously been actively involved with.

Talks and Research

Open Source

The projects I'm actively working on and maintaining are

  • react-hotkeys - Declarative API for managing focus areas and hotkeys within React
  • open-source-template - Quick template for structuring and releasing open source projects (JS orientated)

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Job Roles

Various places I've worked at


Building the future at Kalo - watch out!


Working Briefly with MOO I worked within the "Create Crew" on the custom product design tool - a large React based design application helping to overhaul the navigation system, validations and introduce the team to ES6 to boost productivity.


As Lead Front-end Developer at HealthUnlocked I was responsible for directing the development process of our main platform while being actively involved in product development discussions and roadmapping. Taking the product roadmap and executing re-architecture and development of the new website as well as development of the new hybrid mobile app.


Working at BlitzTech, a division of the former Blitz Games Studios, I was responsible for the lead development of our cutting-edge game development software which employed a web-based interface rendered over the award-winning game engine for game designers and developers to build on. This role dramatically increased my ability to push the performance of browser rendering and communication interfaces.


Working with CrowdControlHQ I designed and developed the initial application interface which has gone on to become industry leading and used by the likes of Cadbury, Mercedes, Luminar Leisure and many more.

Skills and experience (brain dump)

React, Flux, Webpack, Backbone, Flow type RequireJS, Browserify, jQuery, NODE, Express,, Grunt, Gulp, Yeoman, Mocha, BEM, LESS, SASS, ROOLE, GIT, SVN, GIT FLOW, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, REST, NPM, Bower, Composer, Laravel, Slim PSR's, Travis CI, Wercker, Docker, Development Standards, Styleguides, Application Architecture, Mentoring, SEO, PaaS, Agile (Scrum)

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