The Sane Developer

The Sane Developer is reasonable and sensible in their approach to everyday dealings, problem solving and their work.


  • are sensible and prudent with their design
  • are practical in their execution
  • take the advisable approach to solving a problem
  • should be responsible for their production
  • accept realistic challenges and set realistic goals
  • are full of common sense
  • know when to be circumspect in the appropiate areas
  • are pragmatic in their solutions
  • are wise
  • are reasonable with others
  • have sound rational behind their decisions
  • act in a mature manner
  • ensure they are level-headed when making any action
  • are judicious and politic in their decisions
  • have sound, balanced and sober opinions

Why do we want this? Developer Sanity.

define: Sanity

"the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner"

When developers deviate from rationality weird shit happens. Weird things which no-one else understands. Weird stuff which sends the next developer off the course of sanity - and so the cycle continues.

Be a Sane Developer


I’m a front-end developer, architect, javascript lover, product developer, music producer and all round tech fanatic. Basically, I love making cool stuff.

You can find me on Twitter and GitHub.

If you think I could help you out or just want to say hi why not get in touch!

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