A Catalytic Zero to One Startup Generalist

Having held traditional "designer", "software engineer" and "product manager" roles up to director level over my career, I am now accepting and embracing my function as a generalist that is driven to help teams get off the ground and go zero to one.

Whether an entirely new startup or new functions within existing companies, I excel at bootstrapping multi-functional teams to deliver engaging products and solutions.

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He not only has the ability to get things done and shipped incredibly efficiently, he does so while considering the bigger picture.

Peter Johnston, CEO, Kalo

What makes me, me?

Chris is a unique talent; excelling as a developer, as a product manager and as a product designer. He brought his skills to bear for us at Five in all three areas, bringing some of these functions from zero to one, building out the processes and the team as he went.

Ben Peters, VP Product, Five AI

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Definitely a welcome member of my dream team to conquer the World!

Adam Nielson, CTO, HealthUnlocked