Actively looking to help startups go zero to one

Having held traditional "designer", "software engineer" and "product manager" roles upto director level over my career I am now accepting and embracing my function as a generalist that is driven to help teams get off the ground and go zero to one.

Whether an entirely new startup or new functions within existing companies I excel at bootstrapping multi functional teams to deliver engaging products and solutions.

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Chris Pearce, CV

Engineering, Product and Design 0-1 Generalist,,
I am a forward-thinking individual, passionate about all areas of product development, who, having always had a seat somewhere between tech, product and design, is confident taking ideas from concept through design iteration to final execution and deployment.

I have a wide range of experience developing websites and applications of all scales and on varying platforms and enjoy being actively involved in all areas of their production. I have led various product and platform teams ensuring optimal delivery of results which meet company goals and are sustainable.

I pride myself with my passion and continue to learn, research and innovate while focusing on the task at hand and keeping business & ux goals in mind. I enjoy sharing this passion and taking an active role in guiding and helping others. I do my best to focus on teaching and promotion of standardisation across the various organisations I have been involved with.

Work Experience

I have over 12 years experience working across companies of all sizes.

Notable Accomplishments


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